Meet the YMHF Co-Founders!



Watch this video to meet the Youth Mental Health Foundation Co-Founders: Claire, Joel, and Jade!

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Who are we?

The Youth Mental Health Foundation is a Devon-based not-for-profit organisation working with young people, families, and the wider community to address the crisis in youth mental health. We are addressing an urgent need for preventative education to build resilience in children, alongside early intervention strategies to prevent mental health challenges from escalating. We are directly supporting families whose young people are in crisis with their mental health, through in-person and online provision. We work with communities across Devon and have a growing national and international reach. The impact of our work is more resilient young people who are less likely to experience severe mental health challenges, and more families who are empowered and equipped...

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Facebook Support Group For Parents Of Young People Who Self-Harm

Did you know that we have an online community of parents and carers supporting a young person who self-harms?

We know that it can feel really overwhelming, scary, and lonely when your child is suffering with their mental health. 

If you need support, you can become part of our community of like-minded parents and carers by joining our Facebook Group ‘Self Harm - Parents’: 

For further help and guidance on how to better support a young person struggling with mental health and self-harm, you can sign up for free to ‘The Horizon Plan’ - our step-by-step course on how to guide a young person to healing and recovery. The Horizon Plan is recommended by NHS trusts and NHS Recovery Colleges across the UK, including Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Join ‘The Horizon Plan’ for free by following this link:

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