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Are You Looking To Support Your Child Back To Health And Happiness....

But Need Help & Support

Being the parent of self-harming child is devastating and complex.
You are most likely in one of the most painful and difficult periods of your life.
I know how you feel. 
I want to assure you that you're not alone.
You'll desperately want to do EVERYTHING possible to support your child through this crisis, but there's a strong chance you are feeling:
  • UNPREPARED - with no relevant experience or training
  • FROZEN - unsure how to move forward
  • DISCONNECTED - from your child who may be unwilling to accept help 
  • ANGRY - at how teachers and schools etc have let your child down
  • GUILTY - wondering if you could have prevented this
  • FEARFUL - of how this situation could escalate
Most likely, you'll have reached out to your doctor, CAMHS or a healthcare professional to support your child's recovery. 
To help them rediscover their smile, self-worth and confidence. 
To get them back-on-track and realise their full potential in life. 
You may have a long wait for your child's first CAMHS appointment.
You may have been told that your child's case isn't critical enough for CAMHS support.  
You simply feel there is more YOU could do.

Healthcare Professionals recognise the HUGE contribution an informed parent can make to a child's recovery

CAMHS - Doctors - Counsellors - Psychotherapists - Family Therapists

Meet The Tutors

Claire Sutton

Claire is Founder of the Horizon Plan, Chair of the Youth Mental Health Foundation and mother to three children. Her lived experience of guiding her own teenage daughter’s recovery from years of self-harm led to her creating the Horizon Plan methodology and coaching groups of parents around the world.

Jade Sutton

Jade has spoken to over 35,000 young people about mental health, visiting over 70 schools. She has been interviewed several times on the national TV news and radio about teen mental health. She was shortlisted for a National Diversity Award 2018 as a 'Positive Role Model For Young People'. She is dedicated to destigmatising the issue of youth mental health and encouraging other young people with her recovery story.

Joel Sutton

Joel is a businessman, father and co-founder of The Horizon Plan. He is passionate about sharing a father's perspective on the issue of child self-harm, supporting parents and promoting awareness of the Horizon Plan to parents and healthcare professionals globally.

Your healthcare professionals will do their utmost to support your child, but this usually amounts to one or two hours a week. The truth is your child's healing would be greatly accelerated with more support.

There is usually one or two weeks between appointments, but your child's moments of crisis need to be dealt with at any time, day or night.
With unlimited funds, you'd have a team of private counsellors, psychotherapists and family therapists, on-tap 24/7. But that's not possible for most of us.
You likely feel the need to step-up, but given the gravity of the situation, there is no time to learn through trial and error. Many turn to online parent forums which are full of well-intentioned but often uninformed tips and advice; but whose advice do you trust?  

The HARD REALITY is that unresolved child self-harm can lead to life-long mental health challenges, an accidental life-threatening injury or even escalate to a suicide plan.

I was once exactly where you are now.
I felt like my whole world was tumbling down around me...I had lost control.
Knowing my daughter was self-harming and not knowing how to help her was the greatest pain I've ever experienced.

Today I'm in a very different place to a few years ago.

I no longer worry each day about my daughter's immediate safety or what her future holds.
Stress and anxiety have been replaced with exciting and inspiring plans.
I knew there was a central role that I needed to play to support my daughter's healing.
I knew even the most experienced and good meaning healthcare professional couldn't fullfill this role.
The role of an informed, strong and loving parent

I've now dedicated my life to passing on the huge amount of knowledge and experience I gained through my journey with Jade and supporting other parents in your situation. 

To support YOU to play a key role in the healing of your child.

"The Longer A Child Self-Harms, the Greater Risk of Long Term Mental Health Problems"


(Founder of The Horizon Plan) Guided Her Daughter From Self-Harm To Health & Happiness

In 2015, I was a busy wife and mother of 3 children.
I will never forget the evening my husband noticed deep cuts on our 11 year old daughter Jade's arms. We immediately recognised it as self-harm and my world was turned upside down. 
I was filled with dread and anxiety, but what hurt me most was not knowing how to help her.
We looked for professional help but were told there was a 6 month waiting list. We found a private counsellor but I was troubled by the speed of progress Jade would make with only 1 hour of support each week.
I also felt deeply that I, Jade's mother, could play a valuable role in her recovery. 
I had no master plan at that point. I committed myself to supporting Jade and immersing her in a loving and healing environment. I simply dealt with each gut-wrenching challenge as it showed up. 
And it wasn't until I looked back that I saw the pathway of Jade's healing clearly. 
One of my most joyous memories was the day that Jade told me she had gone many months without hurting herself. I had known, but just hadn't let myself dare believe it until that point.

Claire Sutton

Coach - Speaker - Author - Mother
Claire has distilled the knowledge and experience she gained, first guiding Jade, then coaching other parents of self-harming children into The Horizon Plan courses. 
Her mission is to champion the contribution an informed parent can make to support their child's journey from self-harm to health and happiness.
Wondering how Jade is today?
She is now 15 and is an ambassador for mental health Charity Mind Devon, she was shortlisted in 2018 for a National Diversity Award for being a 'positive role-model for young people'. Jade regularly speaks on national TV and has taken her message of hope and resilience to over 35,000 children in schools across the country.
Click here to watch Jade's story

Imagine the Relief of Seeing Your Child Happy & Healthy

The Horizon Plan will give you a proven formula to support your child's journey back to health and happiness.
We're not promising you an easy road. There will be victories and celebrations as well as regressions and setbacks along the way.
The lessons and guidance in the course, will enable you to be an invaluable support to your child and assist their recovery.
And the prize at the end of this road is priceless.
Watching your child laugh, smile and be inspired by life again.
The joy that comes from seeing that they are back on track to realise their potential.
A transformed relationship with the closeness, trust and deep bond that comes from overcoming difficult times together.

Our step-by-step plan enables you to play a central role in your child's healing.

This is what you get in The Horizon Plan.

5 x Modules, 60 x Video Lessons, 60 x Audio Lessons, 60 x Exercises, 10 x Fact Sheets, Fortnightly Webinar, Online Parent Community. Relaxation Programme, Passion Test, Genius Test.

Module 1: Introduction


- Overview of what you'll learn in the course
- Meet your teachers: Claire & Jade Sutton
- Introduction to the tools and techniques used in the course
- How to use the videos and workbooks
- Setting expectations
- You'll learn how to get the most from the course
- You'll gain confidence in your ability to help your child
- You'll gain a more positive outlook for your child's future
- You're on-track to support your child's journey back to health & happiness.

Module 2: Prepare Yourself To Best Support Your Child


- The vital importance of looking after your own well-being 
- How to reduce stress and anxiety
- Strategies for managing challenging situations with your child
- Strategies for when things 'get on top of you'
- You'll understand the importance of maintaining good well-being & mental health
- You'll have strategies and daily exercises to maintain good well-being & mental health
- You'll feel emotionally stronger and better able to support your child 
- Your child will recognise and find reassurance in your strength, clarity and dependability in their time of crisis 

Module 3: The Bonding Stage

Topics Covered:

- The benefits of a closer child/parent relationship
- The value of understanding your child's 'Love Language'
- How to determine your child's 'Love Language'
- How to build a more mutually trusting, open and honest relationship with your child
You'll have both a clear understanding and a proven strategy to develop a closer, stronger and more open relationship with your child - even if you currently have no relationship!

Module 4: The Healing Stage

Topics Covered:

- How to 'hold the space' for your child, allowing them to share problems and emotions.
- You'll be equipped to provide emotional and practical support for your child. 

Module 5: The Growing Stage (shortened version)

Topics Covered:

- The concept of Genius (what your child naturally excels at, finds easy and enjoys doing)
- How your child's self-esteem will grow when they discover their Genius
- How to take a Genius Quiz  
- How to explore your child's Genius with them
- The Concept of Passion (the things that excite and inspire your child; would cause them to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead)
- How to take a Passion Test
- How to develop pursue study, hobbies and project that are aligned with your child's genius and Passion.
- Child clarifies personal strengths and weaknesses
- Child's self-esteem and confidence grows
- Child focuses less and less on their problems and past emotional trauma
- Child starts to focus on and formulate plans for an inspiring future

Healthcare Professionals recognise the HUGE contribution an informed parent can make to a child's recovery

CAMHS - Doctors - Counsellors - Psychotherapists - Family Therapists


Each of the 5 x modules has its own workbook.

The workbooks lead you, step-by-step, to apply what you've learned in our course to get results for your child.

Fortnightly Webinar

You'll get huge value from joining Claire's fortnightly webinar along with all the other parents on the programme. You can send in questions and hear Claire's answers to other parents questions which most often will apply to you too. 



You'll Also Receive A Few Bonus Items To Celebrate The Launch Of The Horizon Plan

Bonus 1


Our Facebook group will be a great place to connect with other parents also on our course. Here you can tell your story, read about those facing similar situations and find encouragement and support. The group is a 'Closed' group, meaning only parents on our course can get access. 

Bonus 2


You will get LIFETIME ACCESS to our library of guided relaxation sessions. We recommend you listen to them everyday to relax, release tension and feel more positive and optimistic. 

Titles include:

- Restful Sleep
- Calm Mind
- Energy Boost
- For Crisis Moments

Bonus 3

GENIUS TEST (express version)
Every child is a 'Genius' with natural talents and abilities. When your child discovers their Genius their confidence, self-esteem and positivity DRAMATICALLY increase.

Bonus 4

When your child discovers what they're passionate about, their focus begins to move from their troubles and problems to their aspirations and dreams. This is a vital stage in every child's recovery and basis of an ongoing strategy to keep your child's mental health on track.

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And lastly...a few words from Claire.

"You can make a huge contribution to your child's healing. I was once where you are today; filled with fear, anxiety, confusion and without a plan. Our course gives you a step-by-step plan that I developed by first leading my own daughter and then many other parents through the crisis of self-harm. I know it will be an immense support in your journey. There is nothing special about me. I'm just a normal mum. If I can make can you."

Claire Sutton
Co-Founder | The Horizon Plan

Here's a recap of EVERYTHING you'll get.

when you start The Horizon Plan course.

Online Learning Course

60 x Video Lessons

60 x Audio Lessons

60 x Exercises

Fact Sheets

Fortnightly Webinars

Private Facebook Group

Relaxation Program

Genius Test

Passion Test


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