West Devon Council Funds Mental Health School Assemblies and Workshops



We want to say a huge thank you to the ongoing support of West Devon Borough Council and Councillor Tony Leech. Thanks to their funding, we have been able to deliver key mental health and well-being support to young people in West Devon at no cost to schools.

Our hugely successful assemblies and workshops have been designed, developed and delivered by Jade Sutton, aged 19, who has lived experience of struggling with, and recovering from, significant mental health challenges. To date, Jade has spoken to over 35,000 young people with her powerful messages to destigmatize mental health, build self-esteem and mental health resilience.

Thanks to West Devon Borough Council, we have delivered our assemblies and workshops to six more primary schools in West Devon since October, with several more schools booked for 2024.


Our assemblies and workshops aim to:

  • Improve mental health resilience and self-esteem in young people
  • Destigmatise mental health, making it easier for young...
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