Mental Health Support For SEN Schools in Devon: 'What's Your Genius?' Workshops

Over the last year, we have delivered mental health support to SEN Schools across Devon thanks to the generous support of Northbrook Community Trust. 

Our ‘What’s Your Genius’ workshop is a fun, lively and interactive 2.5-hour session, where young people learn their unique thinking and learning styles (Genius types), gain confidence in their natural strengths, whilst at the same time learning to avoid comparing themselves with others. 

The broader understanding and acceptance of all genius types enables participants to better understand and collaborate with others through teamwork. 

The workshop stimulates participants to explore what they enjoy in life (their passions) and act in service to others to make this world a better place, to find happiness and realise their potential.

By shining a positive light on a young person’s unique strengths and abilities, the workshops aim to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity,...

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Torbay Council Funds ‘Reach For the Stars’ School Assemblies To Support Young People’s Mental Health

Last month, Jade delivered assemblies in Torbay to destigmatise mental health, empower young people, build mental health resilience, and increase awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity.

Thanks to the support of Torbay Council, Jade was able to deliver her ‘Reach For the Stars’ assembly to three primary schools in Torbay, including Upton St James C of E Primary School, All Saints Babbacombe C of E Primary School, and Ilsham C of E Academy. Jade will also deliver assemblies to Eden Park Primary School and Warberry C of E Academy in January 2024.

“Jade was amazing and was an inspiration to the children. My children became more aware of their Super Powers as a result.” - All Saints Babbacombe C of E Primary School.

“Jade was incredibly inspirational. The children loved hearing about famous/successful people and the setbacks they faced to get to where they are now. They responded really well to her positivity and her championing of those who are...

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