Torbay Council Funds ‘Reach For the Stars’ School Assemblies To Support Young People’s Mental Health

Last month, Jade delivered assemblies in Torbay to destigmatise mental health, empower young people, build mental health resilience, and increase awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity.

Thanks to the support of Torbay Council, Jade was able to deliver her ‘Reach For the Stars’ assembly to three primary schools in Torbay, including Upton St James C of E Primary School, All Saints Babbacombe C of E Primary School, and Ilsham C of E Academy. Jade will also deliver assemblies to Eden Park Primary School and Warberry C of E Academy in January 2024.

“Jade was amazing and was an inspiration to the children. My children became more aware of their Super Powers as a result.” - All Saints Babbacombe C of E Primary School.

“Jade was incredibly inspirational. The children loved hearing about famous/successful people and the setbacks they faced to get to where they are now. They responded really well to her positivity and her championing of those who are different. The assembly opened up discussions within the class of what they dreamed of being in the future and how they would persevere, no matter what.” – Ilsham C of E Academy.

Our ‘Reach For the Stars’ assemblies aim to:

  • Destigmatise mental health and make it easier for pupils to ask for help.
  • Encourage young people to see an inspiring future for themselves.
  • Empower young people to be resilient and understand that setbacks & disappointments are for learning and make us stronger.
  • Encourage young people to accept, respect and celebrate their differences and dreams; increasing awareness, acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity (ADHD, autism, dyslexia, etc.)


To find out more about Jade’s assemblies to support young people’s mental health, you can watch this short documentary called ‘What’s Your Story’:

We were delighted to partner with Torquay United Community Sports Trust (TUCST) on this project. Trust Manager at TUCST, Matt Anthony, said:

“I thought the assemblies delivered by Jade were brilliant! Jade is very inspirational and used her own story/ background to resonate with the pupils who all seemed to enjoy the assemblies and were engaged throughout as they answered Jade's questions. Torquay United CST are delighted to be working in collaboration with the YMHF and are looking forward to the upcoming assemblies." 

Until then, we wish everyone in our community a very happy Christmas and we look forward to supporting more young people’s mental health and wellbeing in 2024!

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