The Horizon Plan: Our Free Online Course Supports You To Play A Key Role In Your Child’s Mental Health Recovery

Is your child struggling with their mental health? Are you looking to support your child, but need help and guidance?

Being the parent of a child who is experiencing a mental health crisis is devastating and complex. You are most likely in one of the most painful and difficult periods of your life.

We know how you feel, and want to assure you that you're not alone.

You'll desperately want to do EVERYTHING possible to support your child through this crisis, but there's a strong chance that you are feeling:


  • UNPREPARED - with no relevant experience or training
  • FROZEN - unsure how to move forward
  • DISCONNECTED - from your child who may be unwilling to accept help 
  • ANGRY - at how teachers and schools etc have let your child down 
  • GUILTY - wondering if you could have prevented this
  • FEARFUL - of how this situation could escalate


Most likely, you'll have reached out to your doctor, CAMHS or a healthcare professional to support your child's recovery. You want to help them rediscover their smile, self-worth and confidence; to get them back on track and realise their full potential in life. 


You may have a long wait for your child's first CAMHS appointment.

You may have been told that your child's case isn't critical enough for CAMHS support.  

You simply feel there is more that YOU could do.

We have provided support to hundreds of parents and carers just like you via our free, online course ‘The Horizon Plan’.

We are here to support YOU to play a key role in your child’s mental health recovery. 


Click here to start our free online course today: 



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