A Massive Thank You To Devon Community Foundation For Funding Us!

We are delighted to have been funded by Devon Community Foundation! Thanks to their generous funding, we are able to deliver a second Zoom group in 2024 for parents/carers supporting a young person struggling with their mental health.

The programme will support 30 young people in Torbay struggling with mental health, but not qualifying for CAMHs support, by equipping their parents/carers to support their mental and emotional health and healing. 

From lived experience, we have seen the importance of the parent/carer role in a young person's mental health recovery. This early intervention program will address early onset mental health problems in young people, resolving the problems or preventing their escalation within the family unit.

Our parenting programme provides:

 1) Psychoeducation and skills training: guiding parents/carers to support the recovery of a young person suffering with their mental health using our evidence-based clinical intervention.

2) Parental self-care: teaching parents how to care for their own mental and emotional health to best support their child.

3) Navigating statutory support: Coaching parents/carers on how to access the support offered by schools, the NHS and non-statutory organisations.

4) Peer support: “Lived experience often speaks with more authority to people in crisis" (Dr D Starley).


We can’t wait to start this project in 2024 and are extremely grateful for this opportunity to deliver more support to families and young people in Torbay. 

Our work to support families and young people struggling with mental health is only possible due to the incredible support of our generous funders - so a massive thank you to Devon Community Foundation from everyone here at the Youth Mental Health Foundation!

Are you a parent or carer living in Torbay supporting a young person struggling with mental health? Would you like to join our 18-session support group delivered via Zoom? Please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] to find out about our upcoming information sessions, or contact us through our website: https://www.youthmentalhealthfoundation.org/contact-us 

Are you a parent or carer living outside of Torbay, but looking for help and guidance to support your young person struggling with mental health? Visit our website to join our free online course ‘The Horizon Plan’, and support your child back to health and happiness: https://www.youthmentalhealthfoundation.org/onlinecourse


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