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Here are our plans for the development of our projects.
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School Assembly & Workshop Programme (launched 2017)
A presentation delivered by teenager Jade Sutton to young people in primary and secondary schools. The purpose being to destigmatise mental health issues amongst young people and spread a message of hope through her personal recovery story. 120 schools visited and 35,000 (approx.) young people reached as of Feb 2023.

Horizon Plan online course (launched Oct 2020)
Our free online course for parents of young people who self-harm which is free to access.
- Module 1 (released 2020)
- Module 2 (releasing March 2023)
- Module 3 (releasing June 2023)
- Modules 4 & 5 (releasing by end of 2023)

Young People’s Mental Health Ambassadors (launched Nov 2020)
Presentations in secondary/high schools in Devon, UK, to spread awareness of and destigmatise youth mental health. A grant funded project delivered in collaboration with Action to Prevent Suicide CIC with potential to spread via collaboration into Europe, Africa and Caribbean.

Adaption of The Horizon Plan online course for black parents (seeking funding)
Some of the highest rates of self-harm in the UK have been seen in Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the United Kingdom (Baldwin & Griffiths, 2009; Bhugra, Desai, & Baldwin, 1999).

An individual’s ethnic background plays a key role in understanding how to support poor mental health sufferers in the BAME community. A study into self-harm and ethnicity by the University of Birmingham expressed that due to the diversity of factors that lead people to self-harm, ‘ethnic background must be taken into consideration when treating individuals’.  As such, we plan to collaborate with mental healthcare professionals from within and with experience of serving the black community to update our Foundation Course. Click Here to read more.

Parent Support groups (pilot launched Oct 2022)
In-person groups guiding parents of young people struggling with mental health to support their child using the Horizon Plan clinical intervention.

Collaboration with the University of Exeter (launched Jan 2023) 
We are collaborating with the Department of Psychology at the University of Exeter to improve the monitoring and evaluation of our projects in order to improve impact and obtain data demonstrating effectiveness.

Adaptation of Horizon Plan to support other mental health challenges (TBC)
Modify the Horizon Plan, our online course, to support a wider audience of parents supporting a young person struggling with mental and emotional health (anxiety, depression etc), as opposed to the current subset of those supporting a young person that self-harms.

Private and Small Group Coaching (April 2023)
We plan to develop and sell small-group and 1-2-1 coaching for parents/carers seeking to support a young person struggling with mental health. This will support a move from being 100% grant funded, towards a more self-sufficient, revenue generating business model and also give parents an option to continue learning whilst waiting for the release of free HP online course modules.

Train the Trainer Qualification (TBC)
Training parents who have completed the online course to teach the methodology face-to-face.

City Hubs (TBC)
The establishment of local support groups led by qualified parent coaches.

Residential Retreat (TBC)
A farm in Devon, UK, where young people struggling with self-harm (and other related mental health challenges) and their parents, can stay for a short period and be immersed in a healing and supportive environment. There will be a variety of activities and programmes for both young people and their parents including connecting with nature, spending time in the outdoor environment, music, art, story-telling, working with or riding a horse, woodworking, leatherworking, arts and crafts, games, gardening, acts of service and helping others through volunteerism. A vision being pursued in collaboration with Goodwill in Action to Prevent Suicide CIO and Action To Prevent Suicide CIC.


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