Looking Back over last year and Our Plans for 2023

plans for 2023 Feb 06, 2023

We've had an AMAZING 2022 and are hugely excited about what's in store in 2023... so thought we'd post a ‘NEWS UPDATE’

Here we go…

Horizon Plan (online course)

We’ve finished filming and are now editing the 2nd module of the course which we plan to have online in Feb. We have 725 parents/carers learning from the course and can't wait to get you this next installment of guidance and support.

Horizon Plan (live course)

In August we won a contract from the charity Caring Town to deliver a program to support a group of 12 parents caring for a child/teen struggling with mental health. The funding given to us by Caring Town comes from a National Lottery Reaching Communities grant and has the potential to run for 3 years. Our team lead fortnightly evening sessions and the program has been so well received by the parents that Caring Town have now doubled our funding so we can also pilot a group to support parents of primary school children suffering with...

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