BBC Radio Interview Our Co-Founder, 19 Year Old Jade Sutton

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2024
Youth Mental Health Foundation
BBC Radio Interview Our Co-Founder, 19 Year Old Jade Sutton

Today our co-founder, 19 year old Jade Sutton, was interviewed on BBC Radio about winning the BBC 'Make A Difference Awards'.

Jade won the 'Volunteer' category in 2022 for her work supporting young people's mental health.

The BBC recognised her 7 years of work, visiting hundreds of schools and speaking to over 35,000 young people about mental health. Her assembly presentations and workshop help build mental health resilience in young people, destigmatise mental health and encourage young people to ask for help if they're struggling.

Jade has now gone to university but dedicates every Wednesday to delivering assemblies in schools across the country via Zoom. And has colleagues who have taken over delivering her workshops.

Jade also explained that the YMHF is running groups, which coach the parents and carers of young people struggling with mental health, to better support their child.

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