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Job Description

Are you...
  • Age 16 – 25 years old 
  • Live in Devon, UK
  • Confident, lively and would enjoy speaking to groups of primary school children. 
  • Passionate about mental health 
  • Interested in earning £15 per hour and have a morning per week available (or more) 

This is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to help us deliver our assemblies and workshops in primary schools across Devon. You’ll visit each school with an adult workshop co-leader and participate in sessions to build mental health resilience in your young audience. See the job description below for more information and how to apply.


Job Description

Responsible to:  Youth Mental Health Foundation (YMHF)

Hours of Work:  Flexible according to applicant’s availability, during normal school hours (9am to 3.30pm)

Salary: £15 per hour

Location: Delivering workshops at schools across Devon

About Us:
The Youth Mental Health Foundation is a Devon based not-for-profit organisation that delivers innovative and scalable projects to support young people’s mental health. Our Mission is to build mental health resilience in young people and provide support to parents and carers of young people struggling with their mental health.


The Role:

This is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to help us deliver our assemblies and workshops in primary schools across Devon. You’ll visit each school with an adult workshop co-leader and participate in sessions which help build mental health resilience in your young audience.

 You’ll be leading the children in fun, inspiring and often funny exercises and games with the following key messages:

  • Being brave to believe in an inspiring goal for ourselves.
  • Persistence (keeping on going, we have not failed until we give up on ourselves)
  • Resilience (disappointments are for learning and make us stronger)
  • Accept, respect and celebrate our differences and our dreams.


We’re especially interested in talking to you if you’re a neurodiverse person (ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers etc) or have had to deal with any mental health (anxiety, loneliness, depression etc) in your life. If you’re comfortable to talk a little about some of your life experiences then you can be a role model for your young audience and show them that it’s possible to bounce back from adversity!

P.S. Neurodiversity” is a word we use to explain the unique ways people's brains work. No two brains function just alike. Being neurodivergent means having a brain that works differently from the average or “neurotypical” person. 

Most school visits are between 9am and 11:30am (with 30 minutes travel either side).

You’ll have lots of prior training, practice and support from us so please don’t be intimidated.    


Main duties and responsibilities will be:

  • Meet your adult co-leader at the pre-arranged location so they can drive you both to the school (usually at 8am)
  • Co-lead our assemblies (30 mins) and workshops (2.5 hours) with fun, passion and conscientiousness.
  • Speak to teachers sitting in on their class’s assembly/workshop


  • Ensure assemblies and workshops are carried out to agreed standards and targets
  • Participate in YMHF supervision and appraisal process
  • Support the publicity of the organisation, giving input to articles for social media, newsletters and local press
  • Work within YMHF core values, policies, procedures and good practice
  • Undertake any training that may be necessary


To be considered for this role, you will need:

  • Two references from a responsible adult e.g. school teacher, university professor, drama teacher, pastor.
  • Confidence and excellent public speaking
  • To be organised and reliable
  • Ability to be think creatively and adapt to the noisy (and sometimes rowdy) class in front of you


Young Workshop Leader – Person Specification

This person specification demonstrates the personal attributes required of an individual in order to undertake the duties required by the post and will be used in the selection process.

The selection process recognises and acknowledges the value of transferable skills or experience, so long as their relevance to the role is very clearly demonstrated by the application.  





Education, qualifications

and training

·       GCSEs



·       A Drama qualification

·       A Levels / BTEC / Degree







·       Public speaking

·       Youth work








·       Confident

·       Social skills


·       Public speaking

Personal attributes

·       Positive, pro-active and dynamic

·       Punctual and on time

·       Highly reliable

·       Interested in young people and mental health




Please send your CV and a letter/email explaining why you’d be a good fit for the role to [email protected]



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